About Us

We are open every Saturday from 9.00am to 10.30am (except for long weekends) some of the awesome things about of us:

  • We are a volunteer run toy library which allows us to keep costs down.
  • We have over 700 toys so there is something for everyone
  • We only allow up to 45 members at anyone time, to ensure plenty of toys are available, though we currently have some places available.

General borrowing Information

Number of toy withdrawals: Five toys.  Please return toys and packaging clean, dry, and in good condition.  Batteries should be replaced if they have died on your watch.  Packaging that is lost or damaged will likewise need replacing.

Loan Period
Three weeks; otherwise, a late fee will be charged.  One renewal period is allowed.

Overdue toys

A weekly fine of $2 per toy is incurred to maximum of $10 per week per family, e.g., 5 toys overdue for 3 weeks = $30 fine.

Missing pieces / damaged toys or packaging

Borrow the toy for an additional three weeks to look for the missing piece/s

Still missing?  Pay to replace the missing piece/s.  The committee will determine the cost at its next meeting. (Same as for broken toys – committee will assess damage and determine cost of repair or replacement.)

Child supervision

All children must be supervised in the toy room and outside.     

Membership Responsibilities

Attendance at the annual AGM

Attendance for approximately two hours at the yearly stock-take event

Participation once or twice a term on the toy library roster.