1 Carroll Drive, Bicton Western Australia 6157, Australia






Number of toys borrowed

Members can borrow up to five toys at one time

Loan Period

Members can borrow toys for a period of three weeks, with the option of an additional three week renewal 

Overdue toys

 A weekly fine of $2 per toy is incurred, to a maximum of $10 per week per family eg. 5 toys overdue for 3 weeks = $30 fine.

It is however understood that ‘life’ happens, and where possible, and reasonable, the committee will look to waive late fees.


 Prior to borrowing toys, please ensure you count all of the pieces and make sure any missing pieces/damage is documented on the libraries database.

Similarly, prior to returning, please ensure that all pieces are included. Members on duty will also count toys being returned to make sure all pieces are included for the next person to borrow.

Damaged toys/lost toy pieces

 A certain amount of wear and tear is to be expected, however members are responsible for unreasonable amounts of damage and/or loss of pieces.

In the event of damage, or loss, please advise the member on duty when returning so it can be documented in our online database.

Decisions regarding fines are made at the discretion of the Committee.